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Sentinel Fertigation’s N-Time™ app empowers farmers with convenient nutrient management insights

Lincoln, NE – Sentinel Fertigation has launched the N-Time™ mobile app to give growers enhanced access to nutrient management insights for optimizing nitrogen use and saving on fertilizer costs.

Available for free download on the App Store and Google Play, the N-Time™ app makes it easy for users to utilize fertigation insights previously only accessible on the web.

Developed through on-farm research trials at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, N-Time™ is a software system that analyzes field imagery to detect early signs of crop nitrogen stress and provide growers with timely fertilizer application recommendations.

Sentinel Fertigation was founded in 2021 with the goal of putting this helpful technology in the hands of growers. Farmers who utilized N-Time™ for web in 2022 saved an average of 42 pounds of nitrogen per acre. By using N-Time™ to optimize nitrogen use, farmers can improve their bottom line while bolstering their environmental stewardship.

Now, growers can take advantage of N-Time™ benefits with a few taps on their phones or tablets.

“We understand growers manage their farms on the go, whether they’re scouting fields, getting parts from the shop, or hauling grain to the elevator,” Sentinel Founder & CEO Jackson Stansell said. “Getting on the web to see the latest N-Time™ insights isn't always possible. By bringing N-Time™ to mobile, growers can now stay two steps ahead of their crops’ needs and fertigation operations no matter what other jobs they have on their plate.”

The app offers many of the same helpful features already utilized by growers to save on fertilizer costs on N-Time™ web, along with several new tools specific to the mobile app.

The app’s “Field Digest” section makes it effortless for farmers to monitor their fields’ nitrogen trends – trending up, maintaining, or trending down. With this information, they can act immediately by scheduling a nitrogen application or dive deeper into the details.

“While our analytics provide detailed insights about crop performance, the most important aspect of these insights is understanding what action should be taken based on the information we know about a field,” Jackson Stansell said. “The Field Digest feature was built to distill complex analytics from multiple fields to basic data points – how many fields require nitrogen application and what percentage of fields are maintaining, trending up, and trending down.”

An “Alerts” tab ensures users don’t miss anything important by putting all N-Time™ recommendations and reminders in the same place. Additionally, important updates and recommendations previously sent to growers via text or email will soon appear as timely notifications on their phones.

Aside from providing fertigation insights, the app functions as a mobile fertilizer log for users, allowing them to track the amount of nitrogen they’ve applied.

The Sentinel app will complement and expand the capabilities of N-Time™ web, not replace it. Growers and their trusted advisors will still utilize the web version to upload and view detailed field maps and boundaries, in addition to a few other actions.

N-Time™ on the App Store:

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About Sentinel Fertigation

Founded by CEO Jackson Stansell in 2021, Sentinel empowers growers to apply nutrients more efficiently. Based in Lincoln, NE, Sentinel’s N-Time™ fertigation insights are used by farmers in Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Illinois, and other states throughout the U.S. Sentinel was awarded the 2022 Entrepreneurial Spirit Award from the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce.

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