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Sentinel Fertigation connects N-Time™ with John Deere Operations Center™

LINCOLN, NE – Sentinel Fertigation’s N-Time™ insights are now connected with John Deere Operations Center™ through John Deere’s API services.

The seamless integration maximizes the capabilities of both services to deliver an enhanced user experience, equipping farmers with full-field insights to help them optimize nutrient applications.

N-Time™ is a software system designed to make nitrogen management easier and more efficient. N-Time™ acquires and analyzes satellite imagery to determine crop nitrogen status. It then delivers data-driven nitrogen application scheduling recommendations directly to growers.

John Deere Operations Center™ is an online farm management system used by farmers to enable smarter machines, enhance connectivity and achieve more informed and accurate decision making.

Integration of the platforms establishes an open flow of data. As a result, growers can use critical info from both systems to more effectively analyze previous nitrogen fertilizer applications and plan for future applications with confidence.

N-Time™ users with a John Deere Operations Center™ account can now quickly import accurate field boundaries into N-Time™ – making N-Time™ implementation ahead of each growing season significantly easier. Precise field boundaries help keep systems aligned for imagery capture and data processing.

Once fields are harvested, N-Time™ will automatically analyze harvest data stored in the John Deere Operations Center™ to deliver N-Time™ performance reports. In addition to performance reports, users now have automatic access to as-applied data for fertilizer and other chemical applications, leading to enhanced nutrient and chemical stewardship reporting that combines application data from mobile machinery with fertigation records.

“This integration will help growers leverage the combined power of N-Time™ and John Deere Operations Center ™ to fertilize more efficiently,” said Jackson Stansell, CEO of Sentinel Fertigation. “It’s easier than ever for John Deere Operations Center™ users to get started with N-Time™ to schedule optimally efficient and profitable nitrogen applications.”

The integration was executed in partnership with Leaf Agriculture, provider of a unified farm data API (Application Programming Interface).

“Leaf’s mission of bringing standardization to ag data and facilitating API integrations between critical software tools like John Deere Operations Center™ and N-Time™ is of tremendous value to the ag industry,” Stansell said. “We’re proud to be partners with Leaf.”

Sentinel has created a short, step-by-step video to help users connect N-Time™ with John Deere Operations Center™ The video is available on the Sentinel Fertigation Youtube page.

More on N-Time™

Developed through on-farm research trials at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, N-Time™ makes complex nitrogen management simple. N-Time™ analyzes field imagery to detect early signs of crop nitrogen stress and ultimately provide growers with timely fertilizer application recommendations. N-Time™ was made commercially available for the 2022 growing season. Growers who followed N-Time™ recommendations saved an average of 42 pounds of nitrogen per acre in 2022.

About Sentinel Fertigation

Founded by CEO Jackson Stansell in 2021, Sentinel empowers growers to apply nutrients more efficiently. Based in Lincoln, NE, Sentinel empowers growers in Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Illinois and beyond. Sentinel was awarded the 2022 Entrepreneurial Spirit Award from the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce.

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