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Sentinel Media Kit

We enjoy working with media partners to inform folks how we're using imagery paired with agronomic intelligence to help farmers fertigate for the future. We've compiled resources to help reporters easily and accurately portray our story and mission.

For press inquiries or to request additional support, please contact​

The Sentinel Story

The Sentinel Story

From academic research to a tool used by growers across the Heartland, learn how our company came to be.

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Style & Branding Guide

Style & Branding Guide

Along with background info about our company, our Style & Branding Guide has guidelines for using the Sentinel logo, colors, typography, and other brand elements. Thank you in advance for complying with our guidance.


Sentinel Photos

All photos are the property of Sentinel Fertigation. By downloading them, you're agreeing to use them in accordance with our brand and style guidelines. If you have questions about how to use photos, please contact Please use them respectfully.

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