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Optimize your nitrogen applications with N-Time®

N-Time analyzes multispectral images to deliver fertigation scheduling recommendations for your crops throughout the growing season. N-Time handles image acquisition, analytics, and recommendation delivery for you – what’s left to you is making the most informed decision possible.

N-Time is available however you access the internet – or anywhere, anytime on our mobile app.

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N-Time ingests satellite imagery that is extremely sensitive to crop nitrogen status and captured on an almost daily basis.


N-Time automatically analyzes every image to:

- Isolate N stress

- Quantify and Classify N sufficiency

- Provide a 7-day crop need outlook


N-Time provides proactive recommendations for nitrogen applications via text message or push notification. Prescriptions may be generated on demand. Farmers have final say.

Dive deeper into N-Time

Growers who harnessed N-Time insights saved an average of 42 pounds of nitrogen per acre.

See how growers used N-Time to improve their Nitrogen Use Efficiency, monitor applied biologicals, and reduce risk after severe weather.

N-Time is rooted in on-farm research trials conducted through the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

Explore the N-Time app

The perfect mobile companion to help you monitor and manage your crops – anytime, anywhere.

Field Status Digest

As soon as you open the app, your home screen will instantly show you the most pertinent information about your crops and their nutrient status.

Application Logging

With an easily accessible application log in your pocket, you'll know exactly how much nitrogen you've applied each growing season.

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N-Time mobile / N-Time web feature comparison.

Timely Notifications

Important and timely intel about your fields is delivered directly to your phone through push notifications.

Nitrogen recommendations

N-Time will help you apply right amount of nitrogen exactly when your crops need it. Schedule nutrient applications with confidence directly from the app.

Find the right N-Time solution for your fields


N-Time Products

For farmers who want to use N-Time's image-based fertigation scheduling to optimize their efficiency using the equipment they already own.

N-Time Fertigation Management System

30-day free trial

On-farm implementation

Support from Sentinel-certified service provider 

Equipment + Software Bundles

For farmers ready to embrace the state-of-the-art in precision fertigation with digitally controlled pumps and image-based fertigation scheduling.

 N-Time + ReflexConnect 480V


One-year gold data subscription to ReflexConnect

One-year subscription to N-Time FMS on 160 acres

Support from Sentinel certified service provider 

N-Time + ReflexConnect 110V


One-year gold data subscription to ReflexConnect

One-year subscription to N-Time FMS on 160 acres

Support from Sentinel certified service provider 

Consulting Services

Interested in fertigation but not sure how to start? Ready to take your fertigation efforts to the next level? We're here to help with that, too. We help growers adopt, implement, improve, and analyze their fertigation practices. Let us know how we can help you fertilize for the future by filling out the form below. No commitment required. We only take on projects where we believe we provide value.

Interested in partnering with Sentinel Fertigation to help serve farmers?

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