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50 Startups That Rose as America Locked Down - Bloomberg

The devastating toll of the pandemic is all too clear on our families, our cities, our nation. But we are now beginning to see an underappreciated side of the pandemic: a coast-to-coast surge in American ingenuity, drive and determination ...

Screenshot of the top portion of the Nebraska Farmer article with a photo of a farmer standing in a field.
Fertigation takes step forward - Nebraska Farmer

What if someone told you that you could boost your nitrogen efficiency by 25% and save up to 43 pounds of nitrogen per acre? Would you be all in?

With soaring input costs ...

Screenshot of the top portion of the Successful Farming article with a picture of rows of corn.

Fertigation Technology Quantifies Nitrogen Status In Crops - Successful Farming

Sentinel Fertigation, a technology company that has developed a platform to quantify nitrogen status in crops, has announced a strategic partnership with Agri-Inject, a crop protection and fertigation products ...

Video and Audio

Sentinel Fertigation x The Combine
Sentinel CEO & Founder discusses fertigation scheduling on KRVN  Rural Radio
Sentinel CEO & Founder interviewed on RFD-TV
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