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A man wearing a baseball cap and polo standing in a corn field.

Our Story

Nitrogen is essential for healthy crop growth. But applying the right amount of the element has been an inexact science leading to lost profits and environmental harm.


Finding a solution to the nitrogen dilemma drew Jackson Stansell, our Founder & CEO, to the University of Nebraska – Lincoln to pursue a master’s in agricultural engineering. Through his master’s work, he developed a software and management framework for using imagery to provide growers and their trusted advisors with data-driven fertigation scheduling recommendations.  

The resulting product, now called N-Time™ FMS, was field tested and delivered superb results, with 100% of operations improving nitrogen fertilizer uses efficiency compared to typical management. 


Jackson founded Sentinel Fertigation in September 2021 to scale up his fertigation solution and put it in the hands of producers who are using it to improve yields and profits.


Sentinel's driven, experienced team is implementing our N-Time™ system in fields across Nebraska, Kansas, and beyond helping farmers and their advisors manage confidently, profit sustainably. 


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Our Mission

We envision a productive and profitable agricultural system that sustains growers, crops, and the environment through innovative technology, integrated management, and immersive education.
In service to that vision, we provide producers and their trusted advisors with actionable, effective technology to help them maximize profitability and environmental stewardship through optimal nitrogen application.  



Empower producers and their trusted advisors with data to confidently make the right fertigation scheduling decisions.  


Simplify in-season management of fertigation – application rate calculations, delegation of labor, improved logistics, automation.  


Integrate mobile field machinery, fertigation, and irrigation system data to facilitate comprehensive reporting, analysis and action.  


Provide producers and trusted advisors with market leverage in a transparent and traceable supply chain focused on sustainability.


Our Values

Education - We seek to educate in everything we do. Educate our customers in every interaction. Educate our service providers and sales partners. Educate each other. Educate our industry.  

Integration - We consider the whole system in all cases. For our customers, that means understanding how their operations function, their focus, their successes, their challenges, and how we can bring them value. For our company, that means understanding how our software can be incorporated into each farm's daily operations with the technology already in place.

Execution - We know that timing is everything when it comes to fertigation management, which is why we get things done when they need to be done as efficiently as possible.

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