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Managing Nitrogen is complex - we make it simple.

Our N-Time software provides image-based nitrogen application scheduling recommendations for your operation.

Optimize Nitrogen, achieve strong yields

Developed through on-farm research, N-Time is a software platform that delivers real-time, imagery-based nutrient recommendations directly to users throughout the growing season.

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save up to

42 lb-n/ac

using N-Time recommendations

Better for your bottom line. Better for the environment.

By providing recommendations that inform producers when they need to apply Nitrogen, our N-Time software helps farmers use the right amount of fertilizer — bolstering their bottom line and preserving the environment in the process.

What farmers are saying

"I used N-Time on my trial fields of nitrogen rates and n-fixing biologicals. N-Time helped me monitor effectiveness and saved me an additional 30 pounds more than I had hoped. I was able to maintain my top end yields while averaging only .56lbs/bu!"

- Aaron, farmer in Neligh, NE

Resource Center

Here's where you'll find informational blog posts, case studies demonstrating N-Time impacts, and the latest news clips and articles featuring Sentinel.
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Exploring the ROI Factors of Fertigation: Saving Money, Time, and Resources

Beyond just monitoring overall profitability of your operation, it’s helpful to measure ROI by acre. Or, you can measure ROI of specific management practices, like a fertigation system ...

Optimize Applications - Case Study

See how a grower utilized N-Time to improve their NUE while maintaining top-end yields.


Successful Farming

The company's technology includes an optimized framework for using imagery of the crop canopy to time fertigation applications ...


Founded to help farmers

Born out of research conducted at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Sentinel was established with the goal of putting the best technology into the hands of producers. That continues to be our focus as we expand into fields across the Great Plains and beyond.

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Trusted providers make implementation easy

Our Sentry Network of agronomic partners help farmers implement our nutrient management solution on growing operations throughout Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, and beyond.

OUR Partners

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