Providing Data-Driven Fertigation Recommendations For Improved Profit and Sustainability



Pictures taken from above the crop canopy provide full-field insights into your crop’s performance.

Using imagery data, N-Time™ FMS quantifies your crop’s future nitrogen status allowing you to accurately anticipate your crop’s nitrogen needs.

Leveraging predictive analytics output, N-Time™ FMS provides actionable fertigation application recommendations to keep you one step ahead of your crop’s needs.


Backed by Research


improved yield per unit nitrogen versus typical management.

22 lb/ac

average nitrogen savings with no difference in yield.



nitrogen cost savings from enhanced NUE at nitrogen cost of $0.70/lb.

N-Time™ FMS was developed and tested in cooperation with commercial grain corn producers in Nebraska via the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network during the 2019-2021 growing seasons.


N-Time FMS

N-Time™ Fertigation Management System (N-Time™ FMS) is a web application that delivers real-time, imagery-based fertigation recommendations directly to users throughout the growing season. It also allows users to gain deeper insights into their crop’s needs, log nitrogen management throughout the growing season, and more efficiently manage their fertigation equipment. N-Time™ FMS handles image acquisition, analytics, and recommendation delivery for you – what’s left to you is making the most informed decision possible. Mobile app coming soon!


About Sentinel 

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The nitrogen dilemma drew Jackson Stansell, CEO & Founder of Sentinel Fertigation, to the University of Nebraska – Lincoln to pursue a master’s in agricultural engineering. Through his master’s work, he optimized a framework for using aerial imagery to time fertigation applications and developed a software to facilitate framework execution, ultimately making it accessible to growers for improving their bottom line and reducing their environmental impact. This software and management framework is now N-Time™ FMS, the fertigation management platform offered by Sentinel Fertigation.


Sentinel Fertigation wants to see farmers fertigate with purpose on their farm. Fertigate to give their crops nitrogen exactly when they need it. Fertigate with the goal of improving their bottom line. Fertigate with the goal of achieving environmental sustainability. Sentinel Fertigation envisions a future in which growers and their trusted advisors are empowered to make confident, efficient management decisions using trusted, integrated, data-driven fertigation systems with N-Time™ FMS as a critical enabler.

  • Predictive – Apply Nitrogen on your crop before it needs it

  • Isolative – Ensure Nitrogen is your yield-limiting factor

  • Versatile – The focus on timing makes this system work on both variable and uniform fields.

  • Data-DrivenQuantify nitrogen status allowing you to confidently stay ahead of your crop’s nitrogen needs with proactive fertigation applications.

  • Autonomous - Monitor nitrogen status and receive recommendations when to fertigate.

  • Profitability - Increase your yield output per unit of nitrogen input to improve your bottom line while reduce environmental impact.


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