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Imagery, Insight, and Innovation: How N-Time Stood Apart from Other Nitrogen Tools in 2023

Updated: Apr 17

How did your crop fare in 2023? Did you spend excessive amounts on inputs like nitrogen? Are you measuring the return on investment (ROI) of those inputs versus the bushels per acre (BPA) you yield?

Regardless of your answer, you should prioritize tools that can measure crop success (and quality) seamlessly during the growing season. With nitrogen fertilizer prices on the rise, there’s no better time to invest in a tool that helps you manage the amount you put into your crop.

Sentinel Fertigation’s N-Time can do just that. And this tool emerged as a game-changer for many growers in 2023. While there are various other nitrogen tools and platforms, N-Time challenges the status quo by offering growers unparalleled opportunities for better crop production and ROI

From high-quality imagery to eliminating the guesswork involved in fertilization, N-Time went above and beyond both the status quo — and competitors. 

1. Imagery As A Visual Insight into Crop Health

Imagery has long been recognized as a cornerstone of precision agriculture. It provides invaluable insights into crop health and quality. While other tools offer imagery, N-Time stands out with its more consistent, high-quality updates.

N-Time provides growers with near-daily snapshots of their fields by leveraging satellite imagery that’s sensitive to crop nitrogen status. Additionally, imagery is provided at high-enough resolution to provide detailed zone insights. 

This data enables more proactive decision-making. When growers can understand their crop health on any given day, they improve nitrogen use efficiency (NUE), assess performance of biologicals and other production practices, and ultimately enhance ROI. 

2. Adjustment to Real-Time Yield Potential

Traditional approaches to determine yield potential often fall short due to their reliance on static inputs and historical data. N-Time, however, takes a more dynamic approach by adjusting management practices to yield potential in real time. By separating crop response to nitrogen from other factors (e.g. drought stress, pest pressure) and considering factors such as weather conditions, crop growth stage, and variability, N-Time ensures that nitrogen applications align with the crop's evolving needs. 

This real-time adjustment mechanism empowers farmers to confidently make data-driven decisions to optimize application accuracy, NUE, and ROI. With N-Time, growers no longer need to rely on guesswork. Instead, they can harness the power of data-backed insights to unlock a field's full potential.

3. Real Recommendations Rooted in Imagery

In farming, every decision matters. This makes data-driven recommendations imperative. N-Time's unique, model-backed recommendations bridge the gap between imagery and actionable insights. 

Using a stop-light alert, N-Time sends “apply” or “do not apply” recommendations directly to growers’ devices, complete with rate recommendations when applications are needed. With this advice right on their phones, farmers can make informed decisions they know are based on the most accurate data available. This seamless integration of actionable insights equips growers with the information they need to optimize their nitrogen management strategies.

The Bottom Line

By offering consistently available high-quality imagery, adjusting to yield potential in real-time, and making actual recommendations instead of just offering another pretty picture, N-Time has redefined nitrogen management practices, setting a new standard for precision agriculture. 

As you navigate the complexities of farming, N-Time empowers you to maximize yields while also potentially saving money on input costs. If you want to learn more about implementing N-Time on your acres — and how this technology can elevate your operation to the next level — reach out to our team today.

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