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October 2, 2023 at 6:00:00 PM

User Navigation and Network Updates

User Navigation and Network Updates

The first major release of N-Time® in Q3 of 2023 and our first major release using our CI/CD pipelines. This version includes a lot of feature improvements that make navigation and user-engagement within N-Time® much more efficient. A new support system embedded in N-Time® is now a live feature.

New Features:

  • Home menu

  • Equipment menu

  • Network menu

  • Add user functionality within network menu

  • Configuration submenus

  • HubSpot integration and account linking

  • QuickBooks integration and account linking


  • Dashboard enhancements make navigation easier. There is now a Home button to give a brief overview of the map, an equipment tab where you can keep track of your irrigation equipment, and a network tab that allows you to see your user information and all user information relevant to your organization.

  • Navigation enhancements empower you to easily add new users and filter through field lists. The fields list filter allows you to filter fields by name, sufficiency, or if it is configured yet or not. The network tab filters allow you to filter by user type or search for your relevant user.

  • You have the capabilities to edit all user information. You can even assign account managers and add organizations to user types.

  • You can now track equipment in the equipment tab as well as assign equipment to fields and pumps to irrigation systems.

  • The addition of QuickBooks and HubSpot integrations for internal use allows our team to better track who we are doing business with, what stage of the process they are in, and quickly answer any billing questions we may have. This will update automatically with certain changes in the system.

  • Our new support ticket submission form and AI support chat functionality allows you to get the help you need in a more timely manner.

Bug Fixes:

  • Recommendations still being sent after disabled in N-Time®

  • Injection rates/total fertilizer amount not adjusting in Rx table based on target rate N

  • PNEO imagery not using field boundary extent for display on front-end

  • Image Rendering Time Slow on Images

  • Imagery coming across on the front-end without analytics for any plots and without data in the image histogram

Performance Improvements:

  • Implement CI/CD Pipelines for software development for more efficient deployments.

  • Unit tests and smoke tests within pipeline to make for cleaner product development.

  • Telemetry tracking to increase latency and speed up data loading within N-Time®.

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