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November 13, 2023 at 4:00:00 PM

Performance Reporting

Performance Reporting

This version release of N-Time® was centered around enhancing our documentation capabilities by providing the ability to run post-season performance reports for operations and fields. This will allow us to track the actual return on investment and overall profit generated for users by being on N-Time®.

New Features:

  • Documentation menu is now active and users are able to generate performance reports for eligible fields.

  • Users are able to manually input certain field values to be taken into calculations and tailor those results to their specific situation.

  • Reports are archived and stored so that users can access past reports at any time.

  • Reports are able to be batched to include multiple fields, run for a service providers territory, or at the farm organization level.

  • Generated reports also send out an email notification that will allow users to download reports from an email notification.

  • Reports are also able to be generated right from the field dashboard, making the process seamless when working at the field level.

  • Reports are available in both PDF and Excel formatting.

  • Reports pull in actual field imagery and field operations data layers for visual and background analysis.

  • Users are now able to view a variety of metrics for their fields to be able to track performance:

  • Change in N-Applied from using N-Time®.

  • Change in Yield from using N-Time®.

  • Change in NUE from using N-Time®.

  • Change in MNR from using N-Time®.

  • Performance metrics across the field, sectors, zones, and Sentinel plots.

  • Overall ROI for a field or operation.

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