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January 15, 2024 at 3:00:00 PM

N-Time Enrollment and Service Tiers

N-Time Enrollment and Service Tiers

Our first major release of 2024 that was primarily centered around enhancing the enrollment workflows and implementing a service tier structure for N-Time® Lite, Basic, and Advanced. With these enhancements in N-Time®, we are able to give our certified service providers the ability to handle the field enrollment for their customers and upgrade or downgrade fields as needed throughout the growing season to capture the full capabilities of N-Time®. We also automated and improved a lot of the front-end field dashboard to make navigation easier for the user and make analyzing current and past information that much easier.

New Features:

  • Enrollment table for CSP's.

  • Batch enroll, invoice, and upgrade for fields in enrollment table.

  • Single field enrollment.

  • Imagery subscription enhancements.

  • Tier information at fields list and field dashboard level.

  • Feature separation by tier moving forward.


  • Status tab has been removed to avoid redundancy in information.

  • Enrollment checklist no longer exists making configuration easier.

  • Crop cycle navigation at the field level instead of individual tabs of the field dashboard.

  • Imagery display enhancements.

  • Weather data enhancements.

  • Insights settings now present in insights.

Bug Fixes:

  • Report generation fixed.

  • Fields not showing nitrogen status properly.

  • Product addition tweaks in product menu.

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