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December 21, 2023 at 7:00:00 PM

Historical Data Storage, Crop Cycles, Imagery Navigation, and Split Screen

Historical Data Storage, Crop Cycles, Imagery Navigation, and Split Screen

Release centered around developing the ability to store historical crop cycle information, deliver that properly to the front-end of N-Time®, and be able to handle the transition from one production crop season to the next effectively. This equips N-Time® with the ability to filter relevant information by the appropriate year and “crop-cycle” that it was logged in, reference that historical data at any time, and be able to export/download that data as needed. N-Time® is also equipped with the ability to transition from different crop cycles effectively, so users can conduct analytics on multiple crops throughout the year. We also reworked the imagery delivery for users so that images are now located in our new imagery bar at the bottom of the screen. Maintaining all the functionality as before, this new interactive imagery selector will make analyzing images visually for the user much more efficient. We also added the ability to do a split screen comparison, so that users can compare different data layers side by side and be able to get more information visually out of N-Time®.

New Features:

  • Historical data storage.

  • Crop cycle framework and transition logic.

  • Planting data upload and storage.

  • Imagery navigation toolbar & insights.

  • Recommendation termination after crop cycle completion.

  • Split screen comparison tool.

  • Crop cycle filtering on operations, imagery, layers, and data.

  • Setup and field configuration value storage.


  • Fields list loading speed enhanced.

Bug Fixes:

  • Yield data upload issues on several fields.

  • HubSpot information link and storing.

  • Field boundary drawing tool not working properly.

  • Yield average tweaks on file upload.

  • Report generation issues.

  • CSP invite not properly linking accounts to know user information.

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