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Headshot of Sentinel Software Engineer Matt Medlin smiling in front of brick wall.

Matt Medlin

Software Engineer

Matt is a California-born, Missouri-raised software developer who loves designing and creating with technology.


Matt’s creativity was apparent from an early age when he recorded his own music and authored stories. While studying computer science at Saint Louis University, he discovered software development and how it allows him to pair creativity with technical knowledge to build and design web applications. 

During his college career, Matt interned at a plant science non-profit organization building virtual reality applications for students who were learning about soybeans and their nitrogen cycle. He later worked as a contractor building augmented reality applications using geospatial data.  

For Sentinel, Matt continues to work toward a more sustainable future by developing software that utilizes geospatial data to make smarter fertilizer management decisions. He enjoys helping farmers fertilize more efficiently, which simultaneously helps improve their bottom lines and contributes to a healthier environment. 

Matt is an avid gamer who also enjoys skateboarding, craft beer and cooking great meals. 

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