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April 8, 2024 at 11:00:00 PM

N-Time Prescription (Rx) Tool Improvements

N-Time Prescription (Rx) Tool Improvements

This release was a major improvement to the capabilities within N-Time and the tools available to users for the 2024 growing season. With updates to the capabilities around prescriptions themselves, we are now able to offer a more comprehensive Rx tool to the platform. Users will now be able to create, store, and export in-depth Variable Rate prescriptions from N-Time and also be able to easily control the addition of Sentinel Plots to those prescriptions. We also implemented a batch fill capability to quickly and easily set up rate information, as well as the ability to download and upload plot and prescription data. With these new features and capabilities, N-Time is fully equipped to handle almost any unique prescription scenario that may exist on an operation.

New Features:

  • Prescription storage and upload capabilities.

  • Template selector to base prescriptions off a variety of data layers.

  • Rx type selector to easily fit prescriptions to field applications.

  • Flat Rate prescription capabilities.

  • Batch fill tool.

  • Improved prescription table and Rx display.

  • Sentinel Plot tool with AB line addition.

  • Prescription and Plot upload and download.

  • Treatment Sectors and Dynamic Sectors.


  • Improved layer handling for Rx display and sector creation.

  • "Big Blocks" - Ability to add Sentinel Plots without an AB line.

  • Improved how we are drawing and clipping plots to prescriptions.

  • Improved data upload capabilities and layer viewing in layers tab.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix for inability for some users to save irrigation systems.

  • Fix for some user not being able to delete data layers that were uploaded with wrong format.

  • Fix for duplicate pivot systems on same field after creation.

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