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February 7, 2024 at 7:00:00 PM

Management Zone Creation Tool & USGS Integration

Management Zone Creation Tool & USGS Integration

This release was centered around improving how fields are configured in N-Time® and the tools that are at a users disposal for creating that information. The first big improvement was centered around the Management Zone Creation tool, which allows a user to leverage their N-Time® data layers to create management zones. These zones can then be user throughout the platform for a variety of management decision. We also implemented the ability to layer soil information into N-Time® such as soil type, topography information (slope and elevation), and even upload soil sample information. Data layer upload has also been improved and the platform is able to accept a wider variety of data layers into the field dashboard.

New Features:

  • Management zone creation tool.

  • Data upload improvements and enhancements.

  • USGS soil information and topography.

  • Improved data layer visualization.

  • Ability to delete data layers.


  • User organization navigation improvements.

  • Insight enrollment improvements.

Bug Fixes:

  • Layer download improvement.

  • Change to user organization naming to make user creation easier.

  • Prescription export not working.

  • Split screen compare not showing imagery.

  • Insights still based on status requirements.

  • Selecting users in tree not working.

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