When Timing is everything.


Our N-Time™ Fertigation Management System is a web application that delivers real-time, imagery-based fertigation recommendations directly to users throughout the growing season. N-Time™ FMS handles image acquisition, analytics, and recommendation delivery for you – what’s left to you is making the most informed decision possible.

Better than a bird's-eye view
High resolution satellite imagery captured on an almost-daily basis from high above the crop canopy provides continuous, full-field insight into the future needs of your crops. 
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Accurate analysis for your fields
Our N-Time™ FMS analyzes imagery to quantify the nitrogen status of your crops in real time, isolating areas of your field where nitrogen deficiency may be a concern.
Putting imagery into action
Leveraging predictive analytics output, our N-Time™ FMS provides you with actionable steps to take to schedule fertigation for your crops only when it's needed. By fertigating at the right time, you can bolster your bottom line and help preserve the environment.
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