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May 10, 2024 at 6:00:00 PM

Updated Application Logging and Sector View

Updated Application Logging and Sector View

In preparation for the fertigation and the heavy nitrogen management season, we have updated the logging capabilities within N-Time. The new nitrogen application log functionality now complements our updated Rx tool by allowing any user to select a prescription template to log. This will make rate information match prescriptions better and allow the nitrogen log to reflect all variable rate decisions being made for that field.  There is also an option to log "Pending" or "Complete" applications. This allows for better log management when it fits your schedule, log pending applications before you get busy and complete them later or log completed applications as you go! We also have improved our as-applied data upload, allowing a user to leverage their data in N-Time, and making those files and manually logged application maps viewable. Finally, we introduced a sector view to all Basic and Advanced tier fields. This view is similar to how many irrigation management platforms log information, allowing rate information to be seen by sector and degree for the pivot. These updates represent a huge step for logging capabilites and information management in N-Time.

New Features:

  • Rx template selection in application log.

  • Technique selection in application log.

  • Ability to edit and log rate information by zone, sector, and area type.

  • Batch fill tool for application logging.

  • As-applied data upload and layer viewing.

  • Sector view for application table.

  • Table filter for application log.

  • Pending and complete applications, with ability to edit at any point.

  • Application maps for each logged application.


  • Map loading speed has been greatly improved.

  • Better error logging for Sentinel team.

Bug Fixes:

  • Rx bugs that were preventing plot placement and field configuration.

  • Insights instability fixed.

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