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October 27, 2023 at 11:00:00 PM

Operation Data Upload

Operation Data Upload

Our second major release of the 2023 Fall season and Q4. This release was primarily focused on the new operations data processing and integration feature set. This feature allows users to log and upload operations data at the field level. This will be a key feature when it comes to monitoring our users agronomic data and having layers available for use in farm management planning.

New Features:

  • Operations data logging manual entry option to allow users to be able to manually log fertilizer, planting, and harvest events within N-Time®.

  • Operations data manual upload to allow users to upload zipped operations file folders into N-Time®.

  • Operations data sync between large ag data platforms to have up to date operation information on their connected fields.

  • Integrate Leaf operations data cleaning to provide useable data within N-Time®.

  • Ability to filter operations data by a variety of values to make it easier to get information.

  • Ability to view operations data spatially on the map for visual analysis.

  • Get summary values for all operations data.

  • Record application notes and view them within the operations module.


  • Transferring all particular logged applications to operations has made the field loading and fields list loading a little more responsive.

Bug Fixes:

  • Menu resolution issues we fixed by reworking how the field dashboard is served to the front-end.

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