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Research & Development Intern – Artificial Intelligence

Lincoln, NE (preferred) or remote (NE, KS, CO)

Job Type


Position Overview

As a Research & Development Intern for Sentinel Fertigation, you will be responsible for making the analytics and recommendations provided by the N-Time Fertigation Management System more intelligent, robust, and dynamic. N-Time Fertigation Management System (N-Time FMS) is a web-based software platform that provides imagery-driven fertigation recommendations and helps users efficiently manage fertigation applications in their farm operation. In this position you will develop next generation technology to drive enhanced profitability and sustainability outcomes. A keen interest in imagery, geospatial data, artificial intelligence, and a desire to see these technologies collectively advance crop production are important to success in this position. Though this is an internship, within Sentinel Fertigation’s small team you will have significant ownership over your role and the project. There are significant opportunities for hands-on learning with practical outcomes, long-term growth, and professional development experiences that would be hard to achieve in other internships. Join the team and help usher in the future of fertigation.


  • Coerce AI-ready datasets from Sentinel Fertigation’s internal data and archives from Sentinel Fertigation’s image providers

  • Contextualize Sentinel Fertigation’s current control schemes and management framework

  • Survey the literature on modern AI architectures, specifically for time-series geospatial data and imagery

  • Determine applicable architectures, necessary computing resources, and evaluate tradeoffs

  • Test and validate appropriate architectures on Sentinel Fertigation’s datasets to produce new control scheme models.

  • Propose field trial designs to implement and validate control scheme models produced through these efforts

  • Begin developing modules for N-Time FMS incorporating new control schemes.

  • Assist with software engineering efforts when absolutely necessary.


  • At least sophomore or equivalent standing in computer science, engineering, or other technical major (including agronomy).

  • Quick learner of new concepts and skills

  • General knowledge of AI techniques and implementation is a plus

  • Open-source AI-oriented libraries (i.e. PyTorch, TensorFlow)

  • Building automated data pipelines

  • Data quality controls

  • Azure stack internal AI functionality

  • Awareness of geospatial data concepts preferred

  • Strong independent management skills, creativity, and self-motivation

  • Solid verbal and written communication skills, particularly in terms of documentation

Sentinel Fertigation is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Under-represented groups in agriculture are encouraged to apply for this position.

Compensation, Benefits, & Schedule

  • Salary: $13,000 total delivered in equal increments biweekly

  • Duration: May – August (flexible with school dates)

  • Location: Lincoln, NE (preferred) or remote (NE, KS, CO)

  • Financial and time support of efforts to enhance skillset

  • Conference registration

  • Significant opportunity for long-term, full-time employment.

About the Company

Founded in 2021, Sentinel Fertigation is a Lincoln, NE, ag tech startup revolutionizing fertigation management. Through the N-Time™ Fertigation Management System (N-Time™ FMS) platform, Sentinel turns images of the crop canopy into fertigation recommendations that increase nitrogen fertilizer use efficiency. Increased efficiency means an improved bottom line for farm operations (up to $29.71/ac savings on N) and reduced risk of nitrogen loss to the environment (46 lb-N/ac less applied). The technology behind Sentinel’s N-Time™FMS platform was developed at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and tested through rigorous on-farm research trials with cooperating farmers throughout Nebraska. Sentinel Fertigation is a resident company of The Combine ag tech incubator program and has partnered with Agri-Inject, Inc. – the leader in fertigation pumping equipment – to build out the next generation of precision fertigation technologies.




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