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Headshot of Sentinel Implementation Specialist James Herrick smiling.

James Herrick

Global Customer Success Manager

Living in his hometown of Arlington, Nebraska, with his wife Brianna and their golden retriever, Leonard, James is responsible for working with growers and agronomists to promote and implement Sentinel’s N-Time Fertigation Management System platform.


James holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanized Systems Management from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.


Before joining the Sentinel Fertigation team, he spent four years in irrigation management and most recently worked for a large irrigation company where he was responsible for sales, training, and development of soil moisture monitoring service for the Midwest region of the United States and Canada. In that role, James came to understand the importance of proper fertilizer management and he’s excited to now be helping farmers by providing them with data-driven recommendations for fertigating.

James was promoted to Global Customer Success Manager in May 2024.


Outside of work, James can be found spending time with friends and family, hunting, and exploring Montana. 

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