Headshot of Sentinel Research and Development Intern Nishan Khatri.

Nishan Khatri

Research & Development Intern

Born and raised in Nepal in south Asia, Nishan was inspired to pursue a career in computer engineering by famous Artificial Intelligence (AI) scientist Andrew Ng, who said: “Artificial Intelligence is the new electricity.”


After completing his undergraduate studies in computer engineering in his home country, Nishan worked as a machine learning engineer for more than two years. During that time, he was involved in various projects that used AI techniques to solve problems in various fields like health care and finance.


To further advance his knowledge in computer science and AI, Nishan traveled thousands of miles from home to the University of Nebraska – Omaha where he is pursuing a graduate degree and has worked as a research assistant in the university’s AI lab.


In his role with Sentinel, Nisham aims to use AI algorithms to facilitate Sentinel’s N-Time Fertigation Management System with the goal of catalyzing an “agricultural revolution” that promotes sustainability and higher profit margins for farmers.