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Helping producers manage confidently, profit sustainably

Our N-Time™ system provides data-driven fertigation scheduling and full-field insights throughout the growing season.

43 lb/ac

average nitrogen savings from N-Time recommendations.

Fertigate for the future

By providing recommendations that inform producers when they need to apply Nitrogen, our N-Time™ software helps farmers use the right amount of fertilizer — preserving the environment and bolstering their bottom line.

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Technology that focuses on timing

Developed through on-field research, N-Time™ Fertigation Management System (N-Time™ FMS) is a web application that delivers real-time, imagery-based fertigation recommendations directly to users throughout the growing season.


Vice President of Engineering

Lincoln, NE (preferred) or remote

What our farmers are saying

"Sentinel Fertigation helped me maintain my corn yield while reducing my nitrogen input."

OUR Providers

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